A Strong Case of Cancer

by Christian
(California )

Staying positive helped me when my mom was sick and in hospital

Staying positive helped me when my mom was sick and in hospital

I would like to tell you the story of my mother's illness, and how staying positive through this experience helped her pull through it.

At the age of 11, I had found out that my mother had been sick in the hospital for quite a while. At that age I guess my mom just didn't want me to worry about her health. At that time, I believe I was just too young to fully understand what was happening. My grandmother and grandfather were taking care of me while my mom was in the hospital.

She had been diagnosed with cervical cancer, and was in the hospital for weeks and weeks at a time. It was really bad and spreading rather rapidly. I prayed for my mom to get better as soon as I had fully grasped what was happening to her. I have had a friends' family passing away to cancer, so I knew that it was a very dangerous situation. I stayed positive through my mom's hospital visits.

One day her fever skyrocketed upward, towards 107 degrees. The doctors told me that she may have a stroke or even heart failure due to such a high fever. I prayed and prayed for my mom to be well. And the whole time I was making sure I kept my chin up, and was pushing myself to be positive. My mom's fever came down over the next few days, and she was okay. I was so glad to hear it, that I began crying. The cancer had stopped spreading, and now it looked as if surgery was possible! My mother had surgery to remove the cancer, and she has been living a healthy life ever since!

I believe that me being positive and having a non-negative outlook to my mother's situation, surely helped me and her get through those hard times. And I hope that people understand.. its even worse to acknowledge a bad situation as a bad situation. Always think positive!

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