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Thank you for stopping by Self-Improvement-Advice.org.

Hi, I am the creator of Self-Improvement-Advice.org, and am grateful for your interest in knowing more about this site.

This website is the fruit of months of labor, on a topic that I have found myself to be - sometimes to my own surprise, I must admit - both constantly curious and unwittingly enthusiastic about.

While I don't claim to be any expert - and just in case you may rightly wonder what makes me qualified to put up a website on self improvement - my answer's really very simple:

I am one of you.. striving for my own improvement every moment, just like you are, and learning along the way!

And somewhere along that road, I seem to have picked up a keen interest in analyzing what people do, and more importantly, why they do what they do.

And that very much includes my own self as well!

This website is the result of such observations, personal experiences, and a bit of research to back up what I found.

And the learning continues!

As I continue to build this website, an interesting thing started to happen. I have found that it is actually helping people! Based on some of the testimonials I receive, few of which you can see to your right, I found that people are actually feeling better when they read my pages.

And that, as you will agree, is a motivator like none other - when people tell you they like what you do!

The improving Traffic Rank (see below) could also be a testimony to that!

And so, the pages keep building by themselves!

So thanks once again for stopping by my joint here, and while here, I hope you enjoy this self improvement journey with me. Be assured that your time will be treated with utmost respect here, and being honest with you is my top priority.

If there are any suggestions, ideas or thoughts to make this a better place for you, feel free to share them with me.

If you like what you see here, don't forget to tell your friends about this site; and do let me know, too, 'cos I would love to hear from you :)

And do come back again, often!

My Best, Always..



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