Always Try To Keep It Going

by Crask

We don't let sun set with us in a provoked state

We don't let sun set with us in a provoked state

For me, the expression "its the little things that matter the most" has really done wonders because I've always kept it at the back of my head. When my husband is leaving home for work, I make sure I pack a little snack for him to eat at lunch since he can't come home. With that, I always add a little surprise, like a little "I love you" note, or a piece of food that he likes, chocolate etc. That makes him call me when he eats to express appreciation.

When he is home and he wants to talk about work, I listen and try to help him relax. Giving him a little massage helps a lot with this.

Most importantly, I strive to make him my best friend , my confidant. Whenever something happens and I need to share it, he is always the first to know. If I need a solution to some problem, when he offers it, and especially if it works, I make sure he feels he is my hero. That raises his ego.

We have our differences sometimes, but communication and forgiveness is our key around this. We both strive to "not let the sun set with us in a provoked state." Everything sorted out, we forgive each other and move on.

We've been married 10 years now, happily so.

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