Anger and Stress Management

by Mitchell Dale Lajoie
(Whitecourt, Alberta, AB)

Upset with mom telling me stuff

Upset with mom telling me stuff

Well I don't know how to deal with my anger and stress, I try to, but I can't do it. When I get mad over stupid reasons like my mom telling me stuff, and then that's when I start acting up also with other things as well!

Editor's note: Hi Mitchell, You didn't say how old you are, but if you are very young and your mom is telling you something you don't like, you might do well to consider the possibility whether what she's telling you is for your own good. I know that can be hard at times, and parents can seem very annoying, but majority of times they do have their children's best interest at heart.. only they may not be able to express it very well every time.

While there are plenty of stress and anger tips on this site which you can look over in your own time, the one that works many times is delaying your reaction - instead of reacting immediately at what upsets you, try breaking away from it for a while, and give it some time like a day or two, to figure out how you really feel about it.

Additionally, I think if you are getting way too annoyed with your mom, instead of acting up with other unrelated stuff, try talking to her about how you feel in a calm manner. Alternatively, you may consider talking to someone else you trust about it, like a sibling or dad, for instance.

I hope these ideas help, and thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts here. -Shan

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