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Self help life coaches and other mental health counseling services sometimes advise taking online anger management classes for depression anger, or temper related issues.

However, if anger problems are not intense, anger games can also be a good alternative to attending such anger classes. Much like anger management worksheets, these games are designed to help us understand and subsequently find ways of dealing with anger.

Types of Anger Management Games

Some of these are individual games that you can play on your own computer.

Below is an example of a Skullkid game (may take a minute or two to load):

Such games encourage a form passive aggression wherein you express your anger on objects or persons on your computer screen, with the idea that once you let it out on your screen, you will no longer retain it inside, or feel the need to express your anger on another person or object in the outside world.

While such games can be entertaining, their effectiveness in dealing with real anger issues is unknown.

Other kinds of anger games are designed to be in a group format, with various discussion points after the game, that serve to help us realize that we cannot control everything that happens in our lives; and must learn to deal with things that are not entirely in our control, instead of getting upset over them.

Below is an example of an anger management game that can be played with a group of people:

the gifts game

One of the more common versions of this anger management game involves a group of people sitting around, with each person bringing in a gift that is completely wrapped or hidden in a bag.

This game can be played by drawing from a lot of numbers or by any other means, where there is a scope for luck or chance to play a part in determining the number each person is going to get in each turn.

When drawing from the number lot, if you draw an odd number, you get to open a gift of your choice, and set it by you on the table; if it is an even number you lose your turn to next person.

Once all gifts are opened up, the game can be continued the same way, with one variation. This time, if you draw an odd number, you get to choose and keep any opened gift from anyone else on the table; you lose your turn for an even number draw. This can continue for a preset time.

At the end of the game, some people will have multiple gifts, others will not have drawn any, while yet others will have lost the gifts they earned in an earlier draw.

Discussion points can focus around how you felt when the draw, or the game, did not end up in your favor.

And if your reaction was of anger, how you dealt with the anger.

Like hypnosis sessions aimed at controlling our anger, these anger management games also help us get a handle on ourselves and our emotions, and let us deal with the anger triggers like frustration, disappointment, jealousy and resentment in a matured, non-confrontational way.

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