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Anger Management Tips: Express Your Anger Effectively

While we have plenty of anger tips focusing on how to control anger, it may not always be possible to use those techniques successfully. While online anger management classes are excellent in serving the purpose they are intended for, sometimes it may just be that we are rightfully angry.

For those situations it is a question of judgment if it is appropriate to try controlling your temper using anger management tips - and a lot of times IT IS - or if the situation is such that it actually warrants being angry.

For those times when being angry is justified, here are a couple of anger management tips on how to effectively express it:

communicate instead of criticize

If your anger does get the better of you, and if you feel you have to tell off, do so in a non-judgmental way. Two persons need not look at an issue the same way, and you always have a right to your view point.

It is just a matter of putting that forward to the other person in such a way, that it helps them focus on YOUR issue rather than on themselves.

focus your energies on solutions

Wherever possible, try to divert your negative energies to positively come up with a solution to what you feel needs to be addressed. This is not an easy tip, but do-able with practice.

If it is an argument, focus on the on-going discussion and not on the persons. If it is an injustice of some sort, focus on what you can methodically (and legally) do about it, rather than aggravate tempers and make matters even worse.

Keep the energy, but shift your focus from the person to the situation, and from the situation to the solution.

While flaring tempers could be tempting, and may even give you an immediate sense of relief, more often than not, it only compounds your issue instead of subsiding it.

How can you possibly come up with a solution then, when you yourself become a part of the problem by helping compound the very issue that you wish to resolve?

upside of anger

If there is anything called the upside of anger, this is it - when you use the anger power judiciously, towards solutions than creating problems, by learning to express it effectively.

Anger worksheets also help us redirect our temper appropriately by addressing the actual source, instead of potentially misdirecting our frustration at someone or something else.

These, along with the anger management tips provided here, should be good ammunition for warding off and/or managing anger that is present in each of us, and likes to surface every now and then.

If you enjoy listening to audios, try listening to calming hypnosis audios everyday, as they can also help you in controlling anger in the long-run, by letting you express your thoughts and feelings while remaining calm, and in total control of yourself and the situation.

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