Anger Towards Stepsiblings

by Shana

I always wanna yell at my stepsiblings, they're always making me so angry. When I yell my step (father) :P gets angry, but when I keep in my anger I start shaking and getting hot and exploding! How do I fix this?!?!?!?!

Editor's note: I think many people feel that way about stepsiblings. One way to get started in addressing this issue is to try to figure out why you feel that way about them. Is it your anger at your mother, or your current family situation that you are misdirecting at them? Or is it that your stepsiblings do particular things specifically to annoy you?

If it is the former, you need to understand that whatever your current family situation, it's not your stepsiblings fault, and they are probably feeling just as awkward or finding it just as difficult as you are - and getting along with them is clearly the best possible way forward for all of you. If it is the latter, then you need to try to talk to them about how you feel - or to your mom (or stepdad) if your siblings aren't inclined to hear you out - instead of yelling at them. Either way, yelling isn't going to solve anything, most likely it will only exacerbate the current situation.

Hope this gets you thinking a bit. Below are a few additional tips. Thanks, Shana, for sharing your thoughts here. - Shan

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