Anger Used To Be An Issue...

by Tatianna
(Marion, NC, United States)

Anger Management Worksheets helped me

Anger Management Worksheets helped me

I used to have a real issue with anger, and managing my anger. It got so bad, I got sent to a place called Copestone for 8 days. While I was there, they gave me anger management worksheets everyday, and when I left, I requested a few to take with me.

The worksheets were pre-made but they helped a lot. I've been doing them for about a year and a half. I do them fairly frequently, every time I feel the anger coming on. The worksheets asked questions like - when I got angry, why I got angry, what I thought was the cause of anger, who I thought caused the anger, once I calmed down if I thought these reasons were logical, and to explain the logic to myself. The worksheets also asked me to describe the feelings I felt before I was angry, what caused the anger, what it felt like once I was angry, and how I felt after the anger passed.

I don't always use the worksheets; sometimes I rely on other anger management tips like walking away, and using deep breathing techniques. Both of which are extremely helpful, in my experiences.

The worksheets did help me find solutions to my anger like - being more open-minded, listening before I react, staying away from things and people that make me angry, how to handle my anger, what to do in angry circumstances, and many other things. I would most definitely recommend these anger management worksheets to other people, and on a few circumstances, I have. My friends told me the worksheets helped them too.

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