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the Biggest Causes Of Stress

For many people, life is more stressful now than it has ever been. People are dealing with and succumbing to many causes of stress on a daily basis, which manifests itself in the form of ever-increasing stress headaches, and the growing link between stress and depression.

Managing this stress can be quite difficult, especially considering many don't even realize what is causing it.


One of the biggest causes of stress has to be money, or the lack of it. With today's economy, even those who normally are financially secure are beginning to feel the pinch of not being able to spend as they once did. The loss of jobs and the huge increase in the cost of living had made providing for a household very difficult.

To help ease the financial strain, many have cut back dramatically on their spending for both leisure purposes and even basic needs. Sticking to a healthy budget can help reduce the financial strain we are running into every day.

2. health

Another of the biggest causes of stress is illness. With the rise in health care costs, many people just can't afford to take care of themselves or their loved ones properly. When people feel ill they aren't going to a doctor for the needed treatment, but instead are self-medicating with over the counter drugs that may or may not relieve their symptoms or get rid of their illness.

This is especially common in those who do not have any type of health insurance coverage. If health care could be made affordable for everyone, the health of people would greatly improve.

3. relationships

The demise of the family unit is another of the biggest causes of stress. Once upon a time, "Till Death Do Us Part" actually meant till death do us part. With time, values have changed a bit, and so did the importance of marriage and family when compared to the past.

The divorce rate has skyrocketed compared to 50 years ago, and broken homes have almost become the norm in many countries. Marriage and family should be taken more seriously and people should strive to keep their families together.

4. lack of education

The lack of education is also another major concern that causes stress. With the increase in teen pregnancies, drug problems, and violence in schools, the percentage rate of high school dropouts has shot through the roof. Many parents no longer express the importance of a solid education to their children, so they too begin to believe it is not necessary.

Considering many of those same parents are high school dropouts as well, they should encourage their children to do well in school so they can have a more secure future.

5. crime

Finally, the increase in the crime rate is another of the biggest causes of stress. When people can't feel safe in their own homes, it is nearly impossible for them to relax and enjoy life. Literally thousands of acts of crime occur all across the world every day.

Morals have taken the plunge and those who commit crime have no remorse for doing injustice to their fellow man. Law officials need to crack down on criminals and enforce stricter punishments. This might help deter others from becoming criminals as well.

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