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How to Boost Self Esteem

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What do motivational speakers and mental health counselors often say, is the single most important personality trait one can develop?

It is self esteem. Here's a definition of self esteem:

Self Esteem or self worth is your opinion of yourself. It is what you think you deserve. In this section you will find many self help tips, games, activities and audios specifically designed to boost self esteem.

Who wouldn't want to feel more attractive about oneself, or overcome shyness and social anxiety forever, right?

what does it take to improve self esteem?

To improve self esteem one of the first things to understand is how self esteem is different from self confidence.

Difference between self confidence and self esteem

Often, the terms self confidence and self esteem are used interchangeably. But there is a difference between being confident and having a better self esteem.

While confidence has to do with belief in yourself and your abilities, self esteem has to do with how much value you put on yourself as a person.

The difference between self confidence and self esteem is the difference between "I can do it" Vs "Am I worth it?".

does having a good self confidence automatically imply a feeling of great self worth as well?

Unfortunately, No.

Gaining self confidence, or getting a positive boost to one's belief in his or her abilities, does not necessarily translate to an equivalent increase in terms of one's estimation of one's self worth.

Case in point: Some of the popular celebrities who radiate confidence on stage, but suffer in quiet desperation to the point of being driven to depression in their private lives. And that's possibly because their feeling of self worth is not keeping pace with all they have achieved in their lives.

But the converse is always true - A low self esteem always leads to a low belief in oneself (low self-confidence), and improving self esteem is a natural way to build self-confidence.

Do you feel your self esteem could use a little boost? One easy way to do that naturally is by listening to self hypnosis audios.

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