Boys Like Girls

by Noreen P
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls

Two of the top songs that are most inspirational to me at this moment are from the band Boys Like Girls. The songs are "Go" and "Chemicals Collide". They are most motivational to me because I have been struggling to overcome an addiction.

Especially with the song "Go" it relieves my stress, and when I listen to the lyrics it gives me so much strength that I can keep on going, and be strong and get over this all on my own. I cry nearly every time I listen to it because I could have almost written this myself - it's so relate-able. The lyrics in this song is all about getting over something, and finding it within yourself to know that you are strong enough to be better without it.

And "Chemicals Collide" is motivational as well because there is someone in my life now that is also helping me overcome this addictions, and they take me for who I am; it also gives me strength in myself that I can realize how good of a person I really am, and how strong I really can be.

Editor's note: Awesome lyrics, indeed! Highly inspirational, and I can see why. Great choice. I am posting the video here for you:


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