Building Self Confidence through Building Knowledge, Method of Delivery, and Location

by Eric McShannon

Self confidence is feeling confident in the knowledge, method of delivery, location, and people.

Knowledge - this part of self confidence is feeling confident in what you know and what you are sharing. Confident that your knowledge is right and of value.

Method of delivery - as everyone knows, fear of public speaking is one of the top fears people have. There are many ways we communicate today - verbally, on the internet, etc.

Location - some people are confident talking about something in a casual environment, but more formal places can become intimidating.

People - who we are around can affect our confidence level as well. You may be real confident in front of your best friend, but not as much in front of strangers.

To increase your confidence, you want to increase your knowledge and be comfortable in the above areas where you want to be confident at. Pick one of the few things you want to gain confidence at - include the knowledge, delivery method, location and who you want to be comfortable and confident in front of.

Knowledge - study the area you are working to be confident talking about, till you feel you can cover it well. Then keep studying as needed if it is what you do, as you should never stop learning.

Method of delivery, location and people - find ways to practice. Try and build your confidence up from things you are confident at, to those you are not as confident at. If public specking is a fear of yours, try a public speaking group like Toastmasters.

As you build your knowledge and practice, you will become more confident.

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