Can Speed Reading Skills Build Self-Confidence?

by Belle

Ability to read very fast can build self confidence

Ability to read very fast can build self confidence

Speed reading is a skill that most people don’t take the time to acquire. Most people think that the ability to read is enough for them to get by in this world. It’s true that if all you want to do is "get by", then a basic ability to read is all you need. Speed reading, on the other hand, offers more benefits.

Believe it or not, the ability to read very fast can actually build self-confidence. One of the reasons for this is that speed readers invariably have excellent vocabulary skills. They are capable of reading very fast because they understand the words used in their reading materials and don’t have to stop and look them up. They’re also able to use those words in their own conversations and presentations.

A good vocabulary can help you snag the job you have always wanted. If an employer has the choice between two applicants with the same technical skills, they will pick the one with excellent communication skills over the one with poor communication skills. Whether you’re at work or at a social event, having a good vocabulary makes your conversations smoother and more polished. You don’t have to fumble around searching for words, or end up with an unfinished sentence just because you have forgotten the right word to use. If you can’t express yourself articulately, you’ll miss many opportunities for personal and professional success.

Knowing how to speed read makes you more efficient.

Think of the last time you had to deal with a large amount of written information. If you’re a student, perhaps you had to read a lengthy book for a book report. Most people with office jobs need to get through thick documentation or long e-mail exchanges. If you’ve been in this situation, you probably got a little bored at the end of the first few hours. If it takes too long to get through written materials, it’s easy to lose your interest and concentration. However, if you know how to speed read, you can maximize your efficiency because you won’t have to spend hours poring over those same reading materials.

Speed readers have very high comprehension skills. They’re able to quickly process the information in a text because they’ve learned the right techniques for identifying key information. These are the people who can read an entire book in a short period of time and still be able to talk about the book as if they had spent hours studying each chapter.

Anyone can learn to speed read.

Speed reading is a skill that you should acquire if you want to have confidence in your communications skills. There are a lot of speed reading techniques that can help you out, and you can pick the ones that work best for you.

One of the easiest techniques to improve your reading speed is guided reading. Use your hand, a pencil, a ruler or a bookmark as your guide to focus the movement of your eyes down a page. By training your eyes and your brain to catch up with the motion of your hand, you can also train your eyes to move more quickly when you move your hand faster. Most untrained readers have slower eye movements, and therefore slower reading speeds.

Another technique you can try is eliminating your "inner voice." Many people have the habit of vocalizing while they read, whether or not they actually say the words out loud. If you can hear a "voice" in your head repeating the words as you read them, you’ll limit your reading speed to your speaking speed, which is at minimum twice as slow as your average reading speed, even before speed reading training. When you are reading with your inner voice you are actually pacing up on your reading.

Speed reading software gives you an advantage.

While there are many techniques that you can use on your own, a good speed reading software program will provide exercises that will improve your ability to read quickly, to increase the amount of words you can take in at a glance, and to identify key words. Since the most effective speed reading techniques require a certain amount of practice and repetition, having a software program that’s designed to walk you through the exercises and track your progress, will make it easier for you to enjoy rapid progress and improve your speed reading quickly.

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