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the real Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Panic attack symptoms are one of the scariest one can ever experience. While science is still unsure of an accurate answer as to the specific causes of panic attacks and anxiety attacks - there are some common triggers that are known to play a role.

real causes of panic and anxiety attacks

Below are some of the more common triggers that are known to set off such attacks, and whose knowledge may help us in dealing with anxiety attacks:


Since stress hormones released into our system are one of the causes of anxiety attacks, it follows that anything that causes these stress hormones to be released, can potentially act as a trigger for anxiety or panic attack.

If you know that a particular situation stresses you, and you feel that situation is impending, chances of that stress escalating into a panic attack increase. Traumatic events which cause significant stress in life, also can lead to these anxiety attacks.


On a similar note, if you know that you are afraid of a particular object or situation, and you feel you may be exposed to that object or situation, that fear may escalate into an anxiety attack.

Phobia sufferers sometimes have a panic attack on exposure, or anticipation of exposure to their phobic object or situation. Public speaking and exposure to social situations are some of the most common fears people have that lead to anxiety, and potentially to panic attacks as well.


Genetics also are known to play a role, though not exclusively, in determining who will experience these attacks.

There are also certain medical conditions which lead to anxiety and panic attacks, so it is important to see a physician to determine if any of these apply to you.

what triggers anxiety in you?

While panic and anxiety attacks have their source in one of the above causes, an attack could be triggered by an external situation or perceived situation. Here are some of the common triggers and causes of anxiety attacks.

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