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common causes of memory loss

There are plenty of causes of memory loss. Some memory loss causes could result in a reduction in our long term memory, while others might contribute to a short term memory loss.

If we started to notice any loss or reduction in our memory capacity, a knowledge of some of the most common causes can help us determine if our memory problem is normal, temporary, or more serious and potentially permanent.

Below is a quick list of some of the most common reasons why one would suffer from a loss or reduction in memory.

1. aging

Aging is one of the most common, and natural, causes of memory loss. It may be a common knowledge that we lose brain cells as we get older; but what may not be that commonly known is - the process starts as early as in our 20s!

For most of us, getting older affects the way our brain stores information, and makes it harder for us to recall the stored information.

A very common example - if you have ever tried to remember a word that you know very well, but which just escapes you right when you most need to put that in a sentence - you know what it is like! Very frustrating, but hardly that serious.

Another common experience of this kind is trying to remember the name of a person you have met before - maybe even on more than one occasion - and whose face is clearly imprinted in your mind's eye; but you just can't seem to get to their name!

This natural process can be slowed down a bit by the intake of B12, Folic acid, memory vitamins and natural supplements like MemoRise. MemoRise is a herbal supplement that supports memory functioning and helps relieve forgetfulness commonly associated with aging.

But if memory problems start to worsen over a period of few months, to the point of interfering in our daily activities - like having difficulty remembering how to do routine things which we know we have done plenty of times in the past - it is time to see a doctor, and get evaluated for more serious memory issues like Dementia.

2. B12 Deficiency

B12 deficiency can result in memory loss, and can usually be corrected by a regular intake of Vitamin B12, along with Folic acid and other vitamins for memory, either through food, supplements, or both as directed by a doctor.

B12 can be found in lean beef, fish, meat and diary products like milk, cheese and yogurt. Since the only known sources of B12 are animal protein and diary products, strict vegetarians will need to include a B12 supplement in their diet.

3. insufficient sleep

Not getting sufficient sleep could also become one of the causes of memory loss in that, it impairs our ability to remember events that occurred during the day, and our capacity to recall them easily later. Here's why sleep improves your memory.

4. Lack Of Concentration

Not paying attention to events happening around us, because we are engrossed in something else, are tired, sleepy, or stressed out, is one of the most common reasons for not remembering them.

In fact, paying attention could be one of the most suggested and important memory techniques that one can follow, to ensure a better memory.

This is not so much of a "memory loss" issue as much as it is about those events not registering in our brain in the first place; but it is significant as it's a common enough occurrence which people associate to a problem with their memory.

If problems with paying attention or concentration seem to be a little more than normal, you can try natural remedies like Focus ADDult. Focus ADDult is Focus Formula for adults, and can help improve your concentration and focus.

5. pregnancy

There are studies that relate pregnancy to temporary short term memory loss - like forgetting where you put your glasses, or not remembering to call someone that you had meant to call. This typically occurs during third trimester through postpartum, and memory generally returns to normal on its own after that period.

If our memory problems start to interfere in our daily routine, or our situation does not clearly fit into any of the temporary categories, it is a good idea to get evaluated by a professional, for other potentially serious causes of memory loss.

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