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Common Triggers and Causes of Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Have you ever experienced panic attack symptoms, or did someone you know show signs and symptoms of panic attack? If so, you know that you can't predict them, and this can make everyday life a chore.

The exact reason for panic attacks is unknown, and they can be triggered from anything ranging from a lifestyle change to a trip to the library. Knowing some of the common causes of panic attacks will hopefully assist you in feeling more prepared when the attacks occur.

Attending a social event is one of the more common causes of panic attacks. Sometimes, even attending a family dinner can strike fear in the hearts of panic attack victims. This happens because those who suffer from panic attacks can feel that they are being smothered by a crowd and panic starts to rise in their throats.

It isn't always the size of the crowd that causes a panic attack, in some cases, it is the fear of the people in the crowd. Fear of having to speak in front a group of people is another one of the causes of panic attacks. This type of panic attacks goes beyond mere stage fright, and can actually temporarily paralyze it's victims with fear. It may be helpful to practice deep breathing techniques to calm your nerves prior to public speaking.

Caffeine can play a role in aggravating panic attacks. It is a stimulant, and it tells the brain to stop being calm and "feeds" the panic. Coffee isn't the only drink that contains caffeine. Some sodas, energy drinks and teas can contain as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

Stress from sudden changes in one's life such as moving, the death of a loved one, getting a new job/losing a job, etc. are all known causes of panic attacks. A lot of times the stress of mourning, or the fear of starting a new venture can trigger severe attacks.

It is a good idea to try and develop a stress emergency plan. This is beneficial because when the stressful events occur, instead of trying to figure out how to react, all you have to do is follow your "stress road map." Knowing that you have this plan will help you to feel more prepared to handle stress and sudden changes. Regularly exercising will also help to eliminate the feelings of stress in your life.

You can also try soothing self hypnosis audios to naturally ease yourself out of daily stress, and to eliminate panic attacks completely over time.

Sometimes no matter how much certain panic triggers are avoided, panic attacks still occur. In some cases, the #1 cause of panic attacks is heredity. This means that it was passed to you through your bloodline. Maybe it wasn't your parents who experienced panic attacks, but maybe your great aunt did. It is a good idea to check into your family history to see if there has been a pattern of panic attacks.

Everyone is different, and as a result the causes of panic attacks, are different for each person. Discuss treatment options with your doctor, and to find a support system. This will help you feel more calm because you know you don't have to face the battle alone.

There are also certain medical conditions which lead to anxiety and panic attacks, so it is important to see a physician to determine if any of those conditions apply to you.

On the other hand, if you have tried medications and are interested in a different treatment option, try natural techniques like self hypnosis, which can help stop your panic attacks permanently.

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