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common causes of sleep paralysis

While over the counter sleep aids, prescription sleep aids, and other sleep medications are popular for insomnia treatment today, there is another sleep issue that affects many people, but discussed relatively less, as the condition by itself isn't harmful, albeit a bit scary. It is called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis remains one of the most misunderstood conditions a person could endure.

The process of sleep paralysis deals with our body's inability to move, after it is jarred out of a dream state and into a waking state. In the transition, our mind becomes somewhat confused for a brief period of time, and literally continues to keep our body in a paralyzed state (as it does during our sleep everyday, in what is referred to as REM paralysis). This can lead to enormous panic as our body is unable to move, even though mental cognitive function is present.

You may be wondering what the causes of sleep paralysis are. In ancient times, people confused sleep paralysis with the presence of malevolent spirits invading the body. In modern times, some have even blamed sleep paralysis on alien abductions. Of course, such nonsense is exactly that - nonsense.

Outside of other medical conditions like Narcolepsy which need professional attention, the causes of sleep paralysis are frequently more banal in origin. Understanding these origins will open the door to eliminating such causes, and reversing the problems that are leading to sleep paralysis.

role of stimulants and light

Stimulants are notorious for their ability to cause sleep paralysis. This is because stimulants will prevent a person from slipping into a deep sleep. Rather, the body is always experiencing a choppy sleep pattern that hinges on waking and sleeping.

To avoid such a problem, it could be a good idea to reduce stimulant intake - along the lines of caffeine, tobacco, certain over the counter medicines, and other hyper inducing substances. This will greatly aid in reducing such problems dramatically, since stimulants are notorious causes of sleep paralysis.

Reducing the amount of light in a room can also be helpful. If you are one of those that fall asleep with the light on, you may be setting the stage for the uneven sleep patterns that lead to disruptive sleep paralysis. As such, keeping the room dim or dark is suggested. Here are a few more sleep tips that can help better your sleep, and reduce chances of incidence of such problems as sleep paralysis.

stress and fatigue

Are you getting enough sleep and rest? If not, you may end up developing problems associated with sleep paralysis - since this is among the most common causes of sleep paralysis. Fatigue and exhaustion are the effects of sleep deprivation that can play a major impact on how your body reacts.

When you are not getting the proper rest, the potential to develop sleep paralysis will increase. Do yourself a favor. Take the steps necessary in increase your nightly sleep, and do not overwork yourself.

In a similar vein, it is best to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you may be under, since this will definitely lead to sleep paralysis. Sure, it can be easier said than done since anxiety and stress come from many factors and sources. However, you may not completely eliminate the problem if you do not try. This is why it is necessary to take the requisite steps to alleviate any stressful circumstances you may be dealing with.

other causes of sleep paralysis

And one of the most basic causes of sleep paralysis is sleeping on your back. Some may wonder why something as simple as sleeping on the back can lead to sleep paralysis. The answer is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but the impact is for all to see. That is why anyone dealing with sleep paralysis may wish to sleep to one side, as opposed to on the back. This could lead to alleviation of the problem.

If you are experiencing occasional sleep paralysis because of lack of restful sleep, you can try listening to self hypnosis downloads right before bedtime every night, and that can help improve your sleep.

And if sleep paralysis is a recurring problem for you, like every week for several months, consider consulting a sleep therapist or a doctor.

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