Change Your Direction and Leave Anxiety Behind

by Eric Hanna

Putting positive thoughts to pen every night helps me immensely

Putting positive thoughts to pen every night helps me immensely

Having past experience from anxiety, and associated skin conditions, my long lasting solutions are quite confrontational, but always easy to implement after some practice.

Step 1

Think to yourself: In one year's time - am I really gonna think about this time or place, is it really that important? Chances are you will say no, so expel it from your thoughts and do not entertain it.

I do not worry about anything anymore at all. Not money, not bills, not family or friends, nothing! Breath deep and work through it slowly, the weight of the world isn't on your shoulders, shrug it off, put a smile on your face and turn your back on it. You are the most important person in your life, and so you shall be.

Step 2

How much time and energy do you spend worrying about things that haven't happened, but you think will? Too much right!! Here's a big tip! If it hasn't happened, why are you worrying about it? - it may never happen, it probably won't happen. Change your thought direction immediately!

Live in the present, right here, right now. Not in the future, not in the past, RIGHT NOW! Don't worry about tomorrow, forget about yesterday, live in this very moment, clear your mind of all that clutter.

Step 3

Each night, this is something my wife and I do EVERY NIGHT without fail. Before we go to sleep we write a positive list each - take a note of this - and believe me your life will change.

Write ten things you love about yourself, or your partner! Starting like this this:

- I love the way I take pride in my appearance.
- I love to make other people smile.
- I love how many special friends I have - and so on till you make 10

Then write ten things you are grateful for! Starting like this:

- I am so grateful for my wardrobe full of beautiful clothes.
- I am so grateful I have a clear mind with no worries.
- I am so grateful for my positive focused thoughts - and so on till you make 10

Then write ten things you wish to have an abundance of. Starting like this:

- I have an abundance of joy in my life.
- I have an abundance of health, both spiritually and physically.
- I have an abundance of clear precise thoughts that guide my way.
- I have an abundance of love in my heart to give to those that need it - and so on till you make 10.

And then 10 things you wish to experience. Starting something like this:

- I want to experience a life so fulfilling I never want for anything.
- I want to experience living my life to the fullest.
- I want to experience giving myself every chance I deserve.
- I want to experience love and all its benefits - and so on till you do 10.

If it was easy everyone would be doing it; it may seem tedious, try it for one month, EVERY NIGHT, without fail and if you can come back and tell me nothing in your life has changed for the better, I will stand corrected. This method alone has changed my life in ways I cannot describe. I go to sleep relaxed with a sub-conscious full of positive thoughts; I wake up relaxed in the morning.

My skin doesn't turn blotchy red and itch when something happens out of the ordinary; I no longer stress or get anxious.

I feel alive, and it has cost me nothing besides my own time. Give it a go! It works better than any drug you'll ever take - and it's FREE!!

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