Coins From Heaven

by Marie

Coins from Heaven helped me stay positive

Coins from Heaven helped me stay positive

A few years ago, I was getting over a bad romantic breakup. The man who'd proposed to me with a beautiful diamond ring had backed out -- over the phone, no less! I was devastated, as I loved him deeply. I knew that he loved me deeply, too, for he told me that was true; but I also knew that he didn't like communicating about issues we needed to deal with, and that he meant what he said.

To get through my sorrow, I took to walking around my town every evening after supper, meditating and praying for guidance. At first I barely noticed that I'd go out and there would be a coin -- a penny, nickel, or dime -- on the ground in front of me. (I'm pretty frugal, so I'd always stoop to pick it up and put it in my pocket.)

After a while these coins began to come in threes, and that did catch my attention. I'd walk along, maybe pick up a coin or two, then in another half block find another one. It became so common that my two kids at home would ask how much money I'd found every time I came in.

I thought back to the personal growth workshop I'd been on a few months ago, and how a woman was there with one of those cameras that takes aura photos. She took the photo, interpreted the color around me, and then pointed to three little blobs of light that were faint but definitely there. "Do you see?" she said, "There are three angels working to help you in your emotional life."

Realizing that my three angels were supporting me, my walks around town became happier because I'd bend down to pick up a coin or three, and smile my thanks at a time when I thought I'd never smile that much again.

I realized I would never be doing life alone!

He was the wrong man for me; my kids have done well since then without the turmoil he would have caused, I've gone on to help others with their spiritual growth, and I have a new and more suitable partner. All is well, but then the angels always knew that, and the coins were just the only signs they could manifest that I'd recognize!

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