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Confidence Trick and Confidence Games

An interesting tidbit about the usage of the term "Confidence Trick": The term is sometimes misinterpreted to mean some kind of a trick for improving our self confidence.

In actuality, it is far from it.

It is an attempt to cheat someone (of their money or possessions) by gaining their confidence and trust. Such a scam artiste is often called a "confidence man". Typically the "con man" takes advantage of the victim's greed or dishonesty, but sometimes an honest person falls victim too

Such tricks are also called confidence games, which is another term with the scope of being misinterpreted as well.

a few common examples of confidence games

Most of the get-rich-quick schemes on the internet are likely nothing more than "con games", so beware of them!

Did you ever receive an email in your inbox that looked like it's coming from a genuine business, or even a government agency like the IRS, asking you to confirm your identity by clicking a link or by providing your personal information, in order to deliver your shipment or reactivate your account?

These online phishing scams, which are dime-a-dozen these days, are nothing but confidence games or tricks.

Another common example of such a con trick is the Nigerian Lottery Scam, where the victim is told that a huge lottery cash payout is awaiting him, provided he deposits a "nominal" amount as a "processing fee" first.

Other common get-rich-quick schemes that continue to be around, like chain letters, pyramid schemes and paid testimonials, are all different variations of confidence games out there.

So what can you do to improve your self confidence, if there is no quick "confidence trick" out there for that purpose?

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