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Dealing With Anxiety Attacks Using Natural Treatment Options

There are several treatment options that are typically recommended for dealing with anxiety attacks and panic attacks.

Many are symptomatic treatments - meaning they address the symptoms of anxiety, and can help you feel better quickly; but they may or may not resolve the core issue behind your anxiety.

While others use psychological concepts like behavior modification and neuroplasticity, and are relied on as a more permanent anxiety treatment. Below we touch upon both techniques for dealing with anxiety attacks, with a focus on those that can be practiced as self-treatment options.

self-treatment options for anxiety attacks

Below are a few commonly suggested self treatment techniques and tips for panic attacks, that are recurring in nature:

1. Deep Breathing

By learning deep breathing techniques, we can acquire the coping skills that help us calm down when we begin to feel anxious. Controlled breathing relaxes the tightened muscles, and this has a direct effect on reducing the feelings of anxiety and panic felt by body.

Here is one such quick technique:

Take a deep breathe in for several seconds, hold it in for a few seconds, and release it normally and effortlessly for several more seconds - all the while focusing ONLY on your breathing, and nothing else.

It may take a bit of a practice to get there, but try doing this for at least couple of minutes, and gradually increase it.

2. Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation also help out in dealing with anxiety attacks in the long run.

Learn more about how the many facets of Hatha Yoga , meditation and breathing techniques can help with stress, anxiety and improvement in overall health and fitness, by visiting Eternity-Yoga.com.

You can also listen to soothing self hypnosis audios that can help you relax and overcome panic attacks permanently over time.

3. Behavioral Therapy

Additionally, behavioral therapy focusing on changing the ways you react to situations, and changing thinking pattern that triggers the fear can be part of the panic attack treatment.

Remember the common triggers of panic attacks? Stress and Fear.

There are plenty of stress management ideas on this site, that focus on helping you change the way you react to situations; and by proactively working to prevent stress, we equip ourselves better in dealing with anxiety attacks that can potentially be triggered by it.

And practicing to face our fears in daily situations can do its bit as well.

4. Alternative Treatment Options

By extension, facing our fears can apply to the fear of panic attacks itself; learning to face our fear of a recurring panic attack, can potentially minimize our chances of such an attack happening a second time.

Putting these techniques into our daily routine, can help us get a handle on these attacks in the long run.

And while the sensations can be wild, the fact that panic attacks do not physically harm us, should help put our mind at ease when trying out these various self-treatment techniques.

Always consult a physician if you experience a panic attack for the first time, and are unsure what it is. 

There are few treatment options that rely on such natural techniques for dealing with anxiety attackswithout resorting to the use of medications.

One such technique is listening to self hypnosis audios. These audios tell your unconscious mind to stay calm when an attack begins. Learn more

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