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Definition of Happiness and the True Meaning of Happiness

What is the true meaning of happiness?

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So how to be happy? Where can we find happiness? Is there a magic formula for stumbling on happiness? Read on to find out.

Happiness is a state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant, at least for a good portion of time. Note that it is a state of mind, NOT a set of happenings. Which implies it is something we have direct control over.

what is pursuit of happiness?

Pursuit of happiness represents actions that individuals deliberately engage in, for the purpose of becoming happier.

That, by definition, can mean different things to different people.

For an aspiring student, it can mean a higher grades or a better school. For a graduating student, it can mean a well-paying job. For a business man, it can mean more sales. For a corporate person, it can mean a promotion.

For the rich person, it can mean a perfect life partner, who is not interested in his riches, but him as an individual. For the not-so-rich, it can mean an increase in income. Or a lottery!

For newly-weds, it can mean an exotic honeymoon. For those that have been married for a while, it can mean having a baby.

does such a quest for happiness lead to true happiness?

There is no denying the value such goals and aspirations bring to our life. Such a quest for happiness always remains our eternal objective.

But the main limitation is, the contentment or pleasure that comes as a result of satisfying such external stimulus is never ever-lasting. It is always, by nature, momentary, and is quickly replaced by another stimulus; and the "pursuit" begins all over again.

While such a quest adds value to life, no doubt, it does not really address capturing the "state of happiness", or focus on making it a more permanent part of our lives.

In fact, it detracts and diverts our focus away from the real thing, by misleading us to believe that true contentment comes by satisfying external stimulus; when in fact, quite the opposite is true.

so what does it take to be truly happy?

The true meaning of happiness is not about what you have. Its not about what you are going to get. Being truly happy is not about where you are at the moment. Its not about where you are going, either.

While all of the above do bring pleasure and delight into our lives as indicated earlier, at least momentarily, the point to remember is this:

We can be happy, regardless. Regardless of what we have, or not have. And regardless of where we are, or where we will be.

And that is being truly in agreement with the definition of happiness.

All it takes is to learn the ability to re-live that state of mind, which we remember experiencing at some point of time in our lives, when we identified ourselves as "being happy".

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