Do You Know That Positive Thinking Can Actually Improve Your Health?

Think Positively for a Better Health

Think Positively for a Better Health

It's not just that it makes you feel better. Thinking positively and having a positive attitude can actually improve your health.

A* article cites research studies that suggest the following health benefits to thinking positively:

  • Life span increase

  • Lower rate of depression

  • Better resistance to common cold

  • Lesser risk of death from heart disease

While research is still unclear on why positive thinking can deliver these health benefits, one of the main reasons could be that people who think positively cope better with the curve balls that life throws at all of us from time to time.

In other words, they experience less stress, and we know only too well the negative effects that stress can have on our lives. So by coping better with stress, you reduce or eliminate many of these negative effects of stress on your mind and body.

Additionally, people who think positively do tend to live their lives in a healthier fashion - better diet, exercise, and reduced dependence on alcohol or smoking.

So, your health is one more reason to switch your thoughts and your self-talk from negative to positive.. and that's a big reason.

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