Don't Go Broke! Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts She'll Love

by Lance Hines
(Boston, USA)

Valentine's Day evokes images of your special lady opening a heart-shaped box of chocolates, admiring the roses you've brought her and enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner. It should be a joyous occasion, when you show her how much you love for her by taking her out on the town and showering her with extraordinary gifts.

But what do you do if your wallet is empty and your credit cards are maxed out? This makes a five-star meal, diamond earrings and a dozen long-stemmed red roses out of the question, doesn't it?

If you find yourself a little strapped for cash this year, never fear. With a little imagination and ingenuity, you can make Valentine's Day memorable and without breaking the bank.


  • Decorate your living room and dining area with a theme dcor, such as a scene from one of her favorite romantic movies. Dress in character and play the role. Add your own lines and personal touches to the scene.

  • Prepare a romantic dinner at home. Decorate with twinkling lights, cast a romantic glow with several candles, play classic love songs in the background and serve a menu of her favorite items.

  • Check local florists and farmers' markets for specials on flowers, or order Valentine's flowers.

  • Take her to an art gallery, botanical garden or museum. Make the day all about her.

  • For warmer climates, check your city for free concerts or movies in the park bring along a picnic basket filled with her favorite foods.


  • Give her a personalized card that includes a photo of the two of you and has your own message of sweet nothings. The card is inexpensive for you and becomes a keepsake for her.

  • Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but if your lady appreciates vintage costume jewelry, consider purchasing a pair of earrings, classic gemstone ring or a string of faux pearls to add to her collection.

  • Instead of buying something she may not need or like, purchase a gift card or gift certificate from her favorite clothing or shoe store.

  • Register both of you for a class she's always wanted to take. Whether it's a cooking class, gardening, photography or skydiving, do it together.

  • Make your own Valentine's Day gift basket filled with assorted chocolate candies, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate wafers, chocolate-scented candle, bottle of wine and two wine glasses.

  • Check out your local superstore for good deals on fragrance gift sets, chocolate-covered cherries, jewelry, novelty gifts and stuffed teddy bears.

While the old adage "It's the thought that counts" is valid, take a little extra action to make the thought stand out and make a statement keeps the tradition of the day intact while maintaining your budget.

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