Drug-Free Panic Cures

by Julie M
(Manchester UK)

Cold shower helps me in overcoming panic attacks

Cold shower helps me in overcoming panic attacks

Hi everyone, my name is Julie M.

I have a few tips to share with you for overcoming panic attacks. The first is fairly well known - take a brown paper bag (brown paper seems to work best, don't know why but it does), close your hand around the opening to make a neck, leaving the top open. Put the opening around your mouth completely enclosing your lips, and breathe deeply in and out into the bag. Do this for a few minutes, too long may make you dizzy.

Another idea is to take a cold shower - you might not think something so simple could help, but it does - make sure that you immerse your head in the shower stream for full beneficial effect. If you are worried about the shock of the cold water and can't bring yourself to step into it, then perhaps you could start with a warm shower and gradually make it colder. But please do try it, and please remember to include your head - it works!

Lastly, get some Lavender Oil (which has many other good uses by the way), put it on a pulse point like your wrist, and inhale as often as you feel the need to - one drop should be fine as it's rather strong. You can also put it on a tissue or handkerchief, and sniff as and when you need to. If you happen to be going out for any reason and don't want to smell of Lavender, simply take the bottle with you and have a quick sniff to clear your head.

I hope at least one of these helps, good luck to all.

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