Easy ways to increase your memory by doing day-to-day activities

by Sujeet Kumar Panda
(Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)

Meditation is good for improving memory

Meditation is good for improving memory

There are lots of strategies applied by different people to improve memory. The first technique is repeating a certain thing on a regular basis. Suppose you are preparing for an examination - try to read out something that you want to commit to your memory. Then after 15 minutes, try to recall it. You may not remember all that you have read. So read again whatever you can’t remember. Then try to repeat it after 1 hour. Also, write down what you are forgetting. Then try to recall the same thing after 1 day. Then repeat this after 1 week, and then 15 days. Finally the chapter will be in memory.

Try to correlate the subject with some images. This is the best way to memorize lot things. Actually images are related to our right side of brain. Our right side is for creativity and left side is logical. So adding pictures to an event will register that in right part of our memory. This process really enhances the memory. While watching the movie - do not concentrate on the main character, rather try to find out some of the unfocused things in that scene.

Those who are not having good memory should also play some mind games. Mind games are the way to exercise one’s brain. Mind games will increase the memory power. Such memory games include puzzles, Sudoku, crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles.

Lastly, doing meditation 20 minutes per day is very good for memory. This process will calm down our mind, and we will be able to memorize lot of useful things by avoiding unnecessary thoughts.

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