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Effects of Lack of Sleep and Sleep Deprivation on our Mind and Body

The effects of lack of sleep on our body can range from mildly annoying to extremely serious, depending on how frequently and how long we go without our much needed snooze.

No wonder prescription sleep aids and other sleep medications are becoming increasingly popular in today's lifestyles.

what are the effects of sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation effects can be readily seen in one or more of the following ways:

slurry speech

Lack of sufficient sleep not only makes our speech slurry and difficult for others to comprehend, but also reduces our ability to come up with new, creative words during our conversation.

blurry vision

One of the effects of sleep deprivation can be "seen" in our vision.

Needless to say, fuzzy vision affects our ability to carry on with our daily routine, while making certain tasks - like driving and operating machinery - even hazardous to perform.

hazy memory

Certain stages of the sleep cycle are critical for the formation of new memories. With no sensory interference during our nap time, experts believe that the brain proceeds to organize and revise the day's information, and works on "storing" it into memory.

A good night's sleep improves memory, and lack of sleep or insufficient sleep, is in fact one of the commonly reported causes of memory loss.

clumsy performance

Lack of sleep reduces our efficiency when performing routine tasks, and multi-tasking becomes progressively difficult. And in the event we run into an unpredictable situation, our reaction time increases.

Our attention span reduces, focus dwindles, and our ability to take decisions and make judgments can get seriously impaired. All of these negatively affect our performance and productivity.

Can we learn new skills without getting our due sleep? No, says a research - sleep is needed for performance to improve after learning a new skill.

easy temper

The effects of lack of sleep include being stressed out, easily irritable and angry.

shaky immune system

Prolonged sleep deprivation eventually weakens our immune system, and we become susceptible to several ailments, or even death in rare circumstances.

According to one study, people who snooze less than four hours per night on a regular basis, are three times more likely to die within the next six years.

risky lifestyle diseases

Heartburn, high blood pressure, anxiety disorder and even diabetes are all linked as possible sleep deprivation effects, especially when suffered for prolonged periods of time.

If you are experiencing any of these effects of lack of sleep, try listening every night to soothing self hypnosis audios that can relax your body and mind, and let you fall asleep quickly and easily.

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