Exercise, Art, and Rest to Deal with Stress

by Synnove

Artwork helps me deal with stress

Artwork helps me deal with stress

I've suffered from needless anxiety all my life. In order to be able to deal with the stress, when I told my doctor I was scared of everything having to do with my appointment with her - including what she might find wrong with my health - she prescribed Zoloft.

After a while, I decided I didn't want to continue taking this medicine, and she advocated one hour of exercise on the treadmill daily. Although I haven't discontinued the Zoloft yet, I feel that the exercise has increased its efficacy, and is in fact a greater stress reliever than any medicine.

Another of the stress reduction techniques I apply when stress gets the better of me is - I lose myself in a hobby that is also a part of my business. I can justify painting with acrylics because I can use some of the images to enhance the appearance of my shop, and others for my desktop publishing. Some I do just for fun, and those are the ones that relieve stress the best. Concentrating on color, design, and so on makes me forget whatever has caused my stress. The sense of accomplishment after I have finished a painting is a plus. Any other creative hobby would do as well.

Sometimes when stress seems unbearable, one of the best stress management techniques is to sit down or lie down and rest. Sometimes this is not possible, of course. But when the time is right, it helps to empty my mind of stressful thoughts and relax. The act of relaxing relieves the unpleasant physical sensations that accompany stress. Sometimes the stress itself miraculously lessens or goes away.

Hope someone finds these stress management tips helpful as well.

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