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5 ideas for finding happiness in your life

Are you happy? How to go about the pursuit of happiness? On this page are 5 tips to find happiness, by pursuing and responding to external triggers.

1. stay healthy

Someone rightly said "Health is Wealth"; one can extend that to say "Health is Happiness" as well.

All the wonderful tips that are supposed to lead us on the road to happiness would serve little purpose, if we spend most of our time and energies stressed out and anxious about our health.

By taking care of our health, we set ourselves on a strong footing to pursue other avenues that we expect would become keys to our pleasure and satisfaction.

2. set goals

Working on long-term goals is a sure-fire way to find joy and contentment. Setting goals that you consider as deeply meaningful to yourself, and taking steadfast steps towards attaining them, would provide an immeasurable amount of satisfaction.

The key to finding happiness is the goals should resonate with your psyche. These could be material, relationship or spiritual goals; they should strike a chord deep inside you, and attaining them should add immense value to your being.

Having multiple short-term sub-goals to track your progress towards a main goal is an excellent way to keep you motivated along your journey.

3. Pursue Hobbies

Pursuing hobbies is another easier, but equally effective way to find contentment. A hobby can be anything that you really enjoy doing. Identify the things you really like to do, and spend time doing them.

If you are a reading enthusiast, there are a very few things that come close to spending a couple of hours by yourself in a library or book store. If you are a sportsperson, it could be a couple of hours on the field, a few times a week.

As long as it seems consistent with your innate self, and engages or challenges you just right physically or mentally, a hobby can provide a deep sense of contentment, and goes a long way in helping you tread the road to happiness.

4. Help Others

Very few things come close to the joy of giving, especially to those in need. Help others taste joy by giving, without expectation of reciprocity, and it comes back to you at least two-fold.

This is not necessarily limited to donating material goods to the needy. It also includes doing those little helpful things, or otherwise bringing delight to your family or other people you are involved with, thereby deepening your inter-personal relationships.

So how to find happiness? Simple answer -
Give Happiness!

5. Share Happiness

An effective way to multiply happiness is to share it with others. Share your happy moment with the next person. You will find that in itself is a great source of joy and satisfaction.

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