Forever Alone

by Darrell
(Regina, Canada)

I can't seem to get into a relationship

I can't seem to get into a relationship

I am a very liked guy making a lot of money, but I can't seem to get in a relationship. So everyday I see my friends happy in their relationships, and it makes me think there's something wrong with me.

Editor's response:

Hi Darrell, I am sorry to hear about your relationship issues. I don't know you and I haven't met you, but I can say this about you with certainty - there is nothing "wrong" with you.

Now, you haven't said exactly whether you are having difficulty finding women, or if you are able to find women of your choice, but are unable to hold on to your relationships.

If it is the former, it's possible that could be a self esteem issue. Are you shy to approach the women you like, or do you come off as hesitant and diffident in your communications and interactions with them? These are signs of lower self esteem. If you start believing in yourself more, you will notice that things will start to fall in place in the relationship front as well. I know this is easier said than done. You did mention you are liked and that you make good money - so those are definitely good places to start building your self image.

We have plenty of material here to help you with your self esteem, like

- these tips for improving self esteem,

- how self esteem worksheets can help,

- few self esteem games you can play with others, and

- free self esteem activities you can do by yourself.

If you are actually looking for guidance in holding on to your relationships, then this may again be related to self esteem; or it may be an entirely different relationship related issue altogether. It may take a professional relationship coach to figure that out based on any specific details you could provide. We do have some content on saving marriages and relationships from breaking apart, but it may or may not suit your specific purpose.

I hope you find this information at least somewhat helpful, based on the limited content of your post. Thank you for sharing here, and I wish you success in your future. -Shan

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