Four Things You Need to Know Before Your Wife Conceives

by Heather Martin

You've recently had "the talk" with your wife, and apparently you've agreed to start trying to make a baby. At first thought, you might assume that this means sex — and lots of it. However, you might want to prepare yourself now: making a baby involves a lot more than that. In fact, sometimes it feels like plain old work. As the ever-important partner-in-crime, you need to know what exactly is going on with your wife and how you can support her during the process affectionately referred to as TTC — trying to conceive.

Fertility Tracking

When you envisioned making a baby with your wife, you probably had a wonderful daydream about making love endlessly and spontaneously, while ultimately seeing her face start to glow as, almost certainly, she easily conceives. Think again. Fertility tracking, which involves using an ovulation calculator to help determine her most fertile days, is one of the best ways to increase your odds of conceiving a child. Sex is about to be scheduled around her fertile days for the near future. Prepare to hear phrases like cervical mucus more often than you want, and realize now that she is going to be peeing on a lot of different test sticks.

TTC and Your Everyday Life

Now that you're doing the Baby Dance, it's time to reevaluate some of your daily habits. Many men don't realize that bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking can negatively impact their fertility, according to Web MD. Treat your body right, exercise in moderation and try to maintain a healthy body weight. Avoid drinking excessively, and definitely quit smoking. These lifestyle changes will be beneficial once your wife is expecting a child, as you can support her as she learns to cope with pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Your Everyday Life

Your wife may be the one with the baby growing inside of her, but you are both going to have to adjust to being pregnant. While it's not a recognized mental condition or physical illness, many men claim to have Couvade Syndrome during their partner's pregnancy, according to the Mayo Clinic. Commonly referred to as "sympathy pregnancy," many men claim that this phenomenon causes them to feel the aches, pains and even cravings of pregnancy along with their wives. Remember to be sympathetic to your wife at the same time. It is probably best to avoid drinking several bottles of her favorite beer right in front of her. Try and adapt to the lifestyle changes that she has to undergo in order to help support her during this period of change and transition.

Fertility Issues

You and your wife may not get a positive pregnancy test result the first, second or even third month of trying. While it can take a healthy, fertile couple up to one year to conceive, recognize the signs of fertility issues. If you and your wife are under the age of 35 and have been trying for a year without success, seek the help of your wife's gynecologist, your urologist or a fertility specialist, according to the Mayo Clinic. These experts can help you identify any fertility issues you have as well as assist you in the conception process.

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