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Snippets, inspirational stories and motivational videos of inspiring icons can be a tremendous morale booster - real people that followed through their dreams or causes they believed in, by taking in their stride the difficulties and hardships that fell upon them during their endeavors.

We hope that skimming through these short snippets on inspirational people will get you going towards your goals with much more vigor, and let you surmount the obstacles that you will run into, just a bit more easily.

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Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie rose from starvation and poverty to become the second richest person in the history of mankind, with net worth of $298 billion.

Christopher Gardner

Struggling, homeless and raising a toddler by himself, Chris Gardner's tenacity is on display for all to see in the movie "Pursuit of Happyness".

Elvis Presley

A shy, and an often bullied kid, with no money, and no formal music training - to a celebrated singer, and Rock and Roll icon. Was it easy?

Mahatma Gandhi

Truth, non-violence and simplicity - a far-fetched combination of weapons to have worked in today's world. But one man stuck to them, and effectively roused a nation to its freedom - inspiring many along the way.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa decided at 18 that her mission was to service the poor, and living with them is the only way to do it - did the difficulties she had to encounter, deter her from moving forward?

Oprah Winfrey

An impoverished, child-abused, teen mother - to a billionaire, and one of the most influential women in the world. How did that happen?

Sidney Poitier

A black, juvenile delinquent who went on to defy racial stereotyping, and broke through as one of the most successful Hollywood stars. And laid the path for many others to come!

Walt Disney

The man behind Mickey Mouse and Disneyland, did not fully succeed thrice previously, before pulling off the now legendary Walt Disney Productions.

The one thing that each of these individuals have in common is their determination to surge forward towards what they held close to their heart, in spite of the difficulties, obstacles and failures they have run into.

Here's hoping you would do the same!

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