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Are you showing any of the signs of stress, and looking for a way to unwind? You have come to the right place. Assorted below are few stress relief games that you can play for FREE right now, right from your browser.

A stress relief game can be one of those quick and easy stress management techniques. So play them for a while, and see if they help relieve your stress headaches.

If you don't see the games below, please wait for a minute for them to load. You will need a Flash Player to view them.

Maukie - The Virtual Cat

Just move your cursor around Maukie and see what she'll do. You can also scratch her head or rub her tummy for more fun. Watch her breathe all along! And don't blame us if she tries to swat your cursor!

Ultimate Mega Hoops

You will need to shoot the basketball into the net as many times as you can, as the net moves from left and right. Just click the ball to shoot it at the right time.

Assault Paintball

A fun and realistic game of shooting paintball!

If any of the above free stress relief games are not working, please let us know. We'll adding more in the coming days!

In addition to games, also listen to self hypnosis audios for stress relief. They are great for relieving everyday stress, and you'll find them to be just as fun as stress relief games.

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