Fun Family Memory Games to Improve Memory

by Stacey
(New Jersey)

Remembering numbers and letters helps me improve memory<br><br>

Remembering numbers and letters helps me improve memory

To help keep my short term memory in tip top order, I play a simple memory game with my son while we are in the car. He will state a 3 digit number and I will have to repeat it back to him, but backwards. We work up to 10 digit numbers. He will write them down so it is easier to repeat or check if it is correct.

This game can also be done with letters or sentences. It is great for auditory processing as well. Since I am not an auditory learner, this has helped in sharpening my listening skills, and in improving memory.

Another memory game we play at home is with a picture from a magazine. I am given 30 seconds to look at the picture and then it is taken away. My son looks at the picture and asks me detailed questions about it (ex. What color are the boy's eyes). This helps improve visual memory and recalling facts as well as details.

Both of these games are fun to do with family, can be done anytime, and serve as good memory exercises. I have noticed that I am better able to recall information. They seem simple, but they do help in improving memory!

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