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Why is Getting Organized Important and How to Stay Organized

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Have you noticed that closet organizational systems, racks, and other storage solutions like garage cabinets and shelves are in an increasing demand these days? Which implies many people actually like to be organized.

Being Organized in simplest terms, is being able to easily locate your possessions - material or informational - without putting in a lot of effort; and being able to set them back as needed, just as easily enough.

In other words, being organized is a state of being in control; in control of your space and time.

why is getting organized important

two reasons..


And they lie in the above definition. Wouldn't it be cool to have that kind of control on everything going on in our lives? It'd at least be convenient for sure.

Convenience improves our efficiency. And that increases our productivity. In other words, more work gets done in the same amount of time, with much less stress. That improves not only the quality of your personal life, but also your chances to climb up the corporate ladder. 


Next, here's the second benefit of being organized - our mind no longer needs to focus, and work, on the physical clutter (search the rubble to locate the keys), or mental clutter (when exactly is that party we need to attend?).

It becomes free, to be able to think out the task at hand. And a free mind is a creative and confident mind. That's benefit number two

So why don't everyone just go ahead and get organized?

One Reason. Overwhelmed.

One look at all the clutter we need to organize, and we are overwhelmed. We are not sure where to start. So we don't start and procrastinate.

Or we may start but get hung up on something specific, and spend hours on it without getting too far in the overall organizing effort.

Or alternatively we may start everything at once. We jump between tasks, and don't end up completing anything.

So we work for a while, but without getting the satisfaction of completing anything. That becomes a low return on the energy invested - we recognize that - get demotivated, overwhelmed at the overall effort remaining, and you guessed it, procrastinate again.

what does getting organized entail?

two aspects..


Clearing your existing clutter. In other words, focus on how to get organized. This is hopefully a one-time or an as-needed process.


Keeping it that way. In other words, focus on how to stay organized. This is an ongoing process involving daily actions.

At the end of the day, being organized is having a system for everything. By diligently following the system through such tips, we stay organized on a regular basis, and soon our mind and thought process become organized as well.

When this becomes a second nature to us, we will likely never need to use those steps for getting organized again. In other words, the convenience and efficiency of having no clutter beats the time invested in getting rid of clutter. 

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