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by Stas 
(Waterloo, Canada)

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Here is one memory tip that works for me. Whether it's something I want to memorize or remember to do the next day, I always go over it in my head right before I go to bed, and again as soon as I wake up. 

For me, this is the prime time when my memory works best. This may be different for some, so it’s important to recognize the time when you are at your most alert and relaxed state of mind. It could be right after you eat breakfast!

Different people have different ways of retaining information. You have to recognize if you are a visual or vocal person, or if you remember by physically doing something. Do you remember things easier when you write them out several times, when you read over something several times, or when you say something out loud a number of times? 

If I’m trying to memorize something, I find it works best to write it out 10-20 times. Q cards are also a good exercise to help improve your memory. On one side of the card write down what you want to remember, flip the card and write a hint of the other side. Shuffle the cards and look at the side with the hint first, see if you remember what is on the other side. 

Other times paraphrasing the content helps you better understand the information, and once you know it you’ll be more likely to remember it. 

If you are able to bring something along with you for guidance, it can be helpful to record the information. You can keep a planner where you can fill out your schedule, set tasks on your cell phone or personal data device, or record information on a recorder. Whatever it is, it should be something that is relatively small, so you can carry it around with you. 

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