Happily Married

Happy Marriage is the art of compromise

Happy Marriage is the art of compromise

I am happily married from the last 8 years, and blessed with two kids. When you get married, you enter into a new world; life becomes so rosy, at least for two to three years. Then you start taking each other for granted, especially wives. But that is the time you should tell your husband - see, now we should draw lines between each other, maintain respect for each other.

Whatsoever people say, but my experience says it is the art of compromise. If you know your husband does not like the way you dress up, ask freely about it. If he likes to watch soccer all the time, give him that much time starts ignoring him, he will come back to you. If he does not like the food you cook for him, patiently ask him. As soon as he comes from the office, don't tell him about the household routine; give him some time, till the time he asks you how your day was.

Be patient and calm. Be generous and sweet to him. Try to understand each other. If you think it does not work out, then give a breathing space to each other, like stay separately for at least five to six months. I did the same during my second pregnancy - my husband came to my place, and also said sorry.

Marriages are not dependent upon two people's different lifestyles or tastes. It majorly depends upon two persons bonding for single thing. Successful marriages are not made in heaven; you have to make an effort to make it successful, in an easy-cozy way.

Thank you for the opportunity to write here.

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