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At 42, I put myself through 7 years of college <br> on earned scholarships

At 42, I put myself through 7 years of college
on earned scholarships

I am blessed with a wealth of talent, and have accomplished and excelled at pretty much any challenge I've taken on. My giant step to confidence in myself came when I took a 10 week memory class. I discovered the messages I'd always received and accepted as a female (dumb and good for only one thing) were false, and that within me was the potential to learn whatever I wanted, with ease (using memory techniques). I found myself not only truly free, but absolutely delighted because I really was not "stupid".

From that point on, I was able to define who I was and what I wanted to become. I thereafter applied myself, and as a 42 years old single parent, put myself through 7 years of college on "earned" scholarships... that was quite a high!

Inside, I am a person confident with my skills and who I am. However, sometimes I meet people who sense this confidence and seem threatened by it. This eventually elicits some form of negativity. When this happens (and this is my TIP)... the very first thing I do is honestly ask myself if I have done or said something to cause an injury to this person. If the answer is yes, then I apologize and try to make it right with them, and myself. If the answer is no, then I let it go and leave the problem with that person.

Be honest and willing to change, and accept the possibility that you are wrong. Being wrong and having the strength to take the appropriate steps to correct it is not a demonstration of weakness, it is the origin of real personal strength. You may be able to fool others, but you only succeed in limiting yourself, when you try to pull the wool over your own eyes.

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