Hating Work? 6 Tips to Make Work Fun!

by Erica Huff

On average, most full-time employees spend 40 to 60 hours a week at work. That's anywhere from 2,000 to 3,000 hours a year that you're spending with other people, at your office. If you have to spend countless hours, you may as well enjoy it.

Building Confidence

Instead of negatively viewing work as a necessity, why not see it as a place where you can excel? In every way, be your best. Use it as a way to build your confidence. Self-esteem and confidence increases when you achieve a goal.

Don't Back Down

Life can grow mundane if eat, work and sleep make up your routine. So mix it up. If you can, take a different mode of transportation to work, such as riding your bike, carpooling or utilizing public systems. You probably had professional goals when you first entered the work force or, more specifically, high aspirations when you joined your current company. Don't back down — go for the challenge instead of dreading each mundane day.

Make the Most of It

Even if it isn't a good fit and you're busy filling out online job applications in your spare time, make the most of the job you have. So you're overqualified — see what you can learn by working with a blue collar group. If the boss is a jerk, count it as an experience that will show how good you are at working with difficult people. Whatever your situation, don't let others control your happiness. They might affect you, but make the most of it.

Love Your Lunch Break

Utilize your breaks by planning for them. Don't let that hour of personal time go to waste. Bring a book, run an errand, call a friend or get your nails done. If possible, schedule your lunch break at the same time as your significant other, then meet up to eat. Knowing you did something worthwhile will improve your outlook of the workday — instead of seeing it as a time sapper.

Take Time to Small Talk

Even if you like your job, it gets old spending 8 hours a day with people you wouldn't choose as friends. It's time to branch out. Quit thinking about yourself and start talking about someone else, not behind their back, of course, but with them. Follow self-improvement guru Dale Carnegie's timeless example and encourage others to talk about themselves. Show an interest in a colleague's work and develop relationships. Even if, you don't become the best of friends, having a friend at work will make things way more fun.

Have an Opinion

Be professional, but don't be afraid to have an opinion. If you feel as if you have to hide who you are, work isn't enjoyable. Speak up about things you feel strongly about. Bring in your small display of Star Wars figurines if you love them. Make your cubicle your own. Appropriately share in meetings and during breaks and you'll enjoy the work a lot more.

More Tips For a Positive Workplace Attitude

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