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What is Subliminal Message? How Do Subliminal Messages Work?

If you have been looking around for a while for self improvement advice and tools on the internet, you would likely have come across the ominous sounding phrase "subliminal" at one point in time or another.

What does "subliminal" mean? And how do subliminal messages work?

In its simplest terms, the word "subliminal" means - beyond our sensory perceptions. The stimulus could be visual or auditory.

So theoretically, if a message or an image gets across to our brain, seemingly bypassing our senses (eyes or ears, as the case may be), then it's a subliminal message.

examples of subliminal stimuli

  • An image can be flashed before you for a fraction of a second, not giving your eyes a chance to consciously register it. Consequently, there is no processing of the image in your brain at conscious level. But studies have shown that such an image can still be processed at an unconscious or subconscious level in your brain, although there is no memory of your eyes "seeing" the image in the first place.
  • A message can be recorded and played back to you at a frequency just beyond the audible frequency range of humans. As you know, humans can only hear sounds within a certain frequency range.In such a scenario, we will not consciously perceive the message, simply because our ears did not "hear" it. But such a message can still be processed in our brain, making it a subliminal message. Such messages can be delivered to us in the form of subliminal mp3s.

can subliminal stimuli influence us?

How do subliminal messages work? Can they actually influence us to do what is suggested by them? Now, that's a scary proposition, isn't it? No wonder it's also been a major point of contention.

The concept of subliminal stimuli has been extensively played with in the advertising industry, in the not-too-distant past.

But no clear consensus has emerged on whether such advertising has in fact influenced any viewers towards a purchase. Using subliminal stimuli for advertising is now banned in many countries, including U.S and U.K.

But some research does seem to suggest that certain things perceived subliminally can in fact be registered and internalized. Some of the conditions that seem to increase the likelihood of that happening are:

  • If the stimulus is just one image, or if the message is very short and uses just a few words.
  • If it aligns with the person's predisposed intentions or inclinations, and can evoke an emotional response if presented consciously.
  • Additionally, a UCL study from U.K also found that subliminal images are more likely to be registered if the conscious mind is not already deeply absorbed in some other task.

But most of the scientific research seems to be limited by the fact that the researchers typically look for influence of subliminal messages to occur in a limited period of time. There are others who believe such an influence is typically generated over time, especially if the person is subjected to subliminal messages repeatedly, and for an extended period of time.

subliminal messages for self improvement

How do subliminal messages work for self improvement?

If subliminal messages are aligned to your self improvement goals - goals that can evoke an emotional response within you - and you listen to them repeatedly, then there's a fair possibility that such messages can become good tools that can help you achieve those goals.

Which is probably the reason why self improvement subliminals are increasingly popular, as goals such as developing a positive attitude and boosting self confidence are universal goals resonating with many of us.

By bypassing such negative beliefs, we make the ground more fertile to accept "new" positive thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, thereby enhancing the chances of our success in achieving our goals.

In other words, subliminal affirmations work similar to the way hypnosis works, in that both techniques attempt to plant positive thoughts and beliefs into our mind - one notable difference being, subliminal affirmations do not require us to get into a trance-like state, like hypnosis does.

If you are curious about subliminal messages, or still wondering how do subliminal messages work, here are 3 free subliminal mp3s to give an idea.

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