How Meditation Gave Me and My Partner New Hope

by Patrick
(New York)

Meditation changed my life.

Without this small daily habit, I couldn’t have saved my relationship. Without sitting down and breathing in and out, I would have lost the love of my life.

I know that it sounds weird, but meditation saved my relationship and I am forever grateful that it did. In fact, I and my girlfriend of three years are grateful for it.

The journey was worth it but it was anything but easy. At first, none of us believed that sitting down and breathing in and out could have any effect on our current situation, let alone prevent a seemingly unpreventable breakup.

But we did it and today I want to share what changed once we set down and meditated for about ten minutes each day.

We Stayed Calm During Stormy Times

We had so many arguments. And to be honest, I don’t even know why we argued. I think we didn’t have a reason to fight, but we did it anyway. We were both so frustrated with our relationship that we used arguing as a way to get rid of the anger.

Of course, it didn’t work. It made everything worse. Then we tried meditation. We tried it because a friend of mine recommended it and even though we were skeptical, we did it.
Something changed. The change was slow but it was there.

Suddenly, we didn’t spend the whole time fighting. Whenever one of us was upset about someone we stayed calm. Instead of throwing allegations at each other, we talked about everything.

We Were Talking and Listening for the First Time in Months

I honestly can’t remember the last time I sat down with my girlfriend to talk about our life, our dreams, and our relationship. It was an invigorating process and it brought us closer together.

But we didn’t just talk. Thanks to the inner calmness that meditation gave us, we actively listened. We listened to each other’s problems and to the way we felt about us and our relationship.

For the first time of my life I could really understand how my girlfriend felt. I guess this process increased our empathy and gave us a new perspective.

We Started to Focus on the Important Things

When I think back to this time I regret how many hours I spent with things that harmed my relationship. I spent way too much time watching ridiculous YouTube videos and too little time with the woman I love.

Now that we were meditating, we shifted out focus. We stopped wasting our time with empty things that didn’t fulfill us. Instead of watching YouTube videos we talked, cuddled, and spent time with each other. This was exactly what we needed.

This experience showed me that meditation can not only improve your dating life, but also your relationship. It was amazing to see how the focus we gained through meditation helped us to focus on the important things in life.

We Were Able to Reignite Our Love Through Self-Love

Of course, I still loved my girlfriend. Even though we were arguing a lot, I never stopped loving her. But I have to admit that we grew more distant.

I think we also forgot to love ourselves during this process. I mean, when you constantly fight and when you constantly blame each other, you can easily forget that you are a lovable human being. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to us.

It hurts to admit it but we needed to embark on a spiritual journey to reconnect with our own hearts. It took a while but eventually we learned to love ourselves. Then something happened. The self-love that we felt was contagious.

The process of loving ourselves allowed us to reignite our love.

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