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How To Achieve Happiness and Master the Art of Happiness

How to achieve happiness?

While pursuit of happiness is one thing, true happiness is to be happy regardless.

Regardless of what you have, or not have. And regardless of where you are, or where you will be.

So how do you secure your way to permanent, authentic happiness?

Happiness cannot be obtained by searching outside

External actions are great way to provide focus and add value to your life; they are great sources of momentary or short-term fulfillment.

But, do not focus on external stimulus when in quest for real, long-term contentment. True happiness does not need an external stimulus.

Happiness is inside job

Where is happiness, if not to search for it outside?

Look for it inside you! Your source of your joy is YOU. It is right there, inside each and every one of us.

Following tips will provide ideas on mastering the art of being happy.

Happiness is a mental attitude

Develop a take it easy attitude. Learn not to stress on trivialities. Don't be a perfectionist. DECIDE to be happy today!

Happiness is the present moment

Learn to consciously respond to the present moment; learn to give all attention to it, and only it. You will find that's an excellent recipe for joy and fulfillment.

Initially it takes will do this, soon enough it will become your second nature. "Happiness Now" should be your motto.

Be happy for no reason at all

Happiness is not something that happens. It is something we make happen; it is something we have direct control over. Practice being happy for no reason at all.

Remember happy memories, expect happy events and try to re-live that "happy" state of mind.

Happiness is a habit

How to achieve happiness? It needs to be cultivated, just like any other habit, over a period of time.

Substitute happy thoughts

Substitute happy or positive thoughts whenever unhappy or fearful thoughts creep into your mind.

Do this immediately the moment you realize the existence of negative thoughts, or as soon as the negative thoughts come to their logical end.

Choosing to be happy this way is little more than a positive thinking technique. Make a habit of this every time you run into an unhappy image in your mind, and see the results in yourself.

Chances are you will mention it the next time you discuss how to achieve happiness with someone.

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