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by Steven

Stretching is a great method of conquering stress

Stretching is a great method of conquering stress

Stress is one of the common conditions that most of us deal with but fail to recover from it. There are various factors that can cause stress and some of them are pressure at the workplace, fear, loss of a loved one, hitches in relationships, etc. Sometimes anger and stress go hand in hand. Anger may be the cause for the stress and vice-versa. To deal with stress, it is first important to identify the different symptoms of stress so that one can find ways out of it.

Stress Symptoms

· One of the major stress symptoms is an irritable and frustrated mind.
· Inability to concentrate on things and a restless feeling.
· Negative self talks and mood swings.
· Troubles with memory.
· Lacking in sense of humor.
· Pain in the chest.
· Severe head aches
· Abdominal or stomach pain
· Excessive or no sleep
· Loss of appetite
· Loss of weight is another major stress symptom.
· Shortness of breath
· Sweaty palms and pounding heart

Dealing with Stress anger

There are various techniques of handling anger and stress. Some of them are as follows:

· To control your anger, you first need to determine yourself to overcome it as soon as possible. It is only with this determination that you can deal with anger and stress.

· Take a deep breath whenever you feel stressed out of being angry. This is considered one of the best methods of dealing with stress and anger. When there is a sudden rush of oxygen in your body, the possibility for you to relax is increased thereby bringing down your anger and stress levels.

· It is also one of the popular anger management methods to count up to ten when you are angry. If the case is too severe, the count can be increased.

· Stretching is also another method of conquering stress and anger. This brings a relaxation to the whole of your system.

· Listening to good soothing music is also another good method of handling stress and anger.

· Also follow a proper diet full of essential nutrients so that you have all the health to tolerate all kinds of stresses.

· To overcome anger, forgive the person and develop the habit of communicating in the assertive.

· To reduce the stress at the workplace, you can avoid being seated at a same place for a long time. Take walks around the place and have humorous conversations with your colleagues. This makes you feel lighter and relaxed.

· Getting a good night’s sleep also works best for reducing the general stress levels as well as stress in the workplace.

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