How to Deal With Stress? Just Breathe..

by Rachel W.

Staying positive helps me deal with stress

Staying positive helps me deal with stress

I was 8 years old when I had my first break down at school. I continued to justify my attitude by telling my teachers I had an attitude problem and I couldn't help it, God made me this way! It wasn't long before the doctors noticed my stress levels were high, causing me physical stress/pain.

I was put on many anxiety pills through out the years, when I woke up one day and realized... these pills can't change things that go on in my life, they can't change what stresses me out... but I can! I then decided that I should stop taking medications and figure out what made me tick. It took from when I was 17 years old until I was about 22 to learn these 3 vital stress management secrets... as easy as they were.

1. Face your problems immediately

When I say face the problems, don't gossip or run and tell everyone else... this can blow up in your face later. Whether you just lay in bed thinking about the problem, or you write everything down in a journal... it's your first step to feeling better.

2. Be positive

Don't let it get to you. Easier said than done. But with the help from number 1 & 3... you can do it. Care for everyone, but have a care free attitude about other things. People will hurt you, bad things will happen, and misfortune hits almost all of us... and during these times... it is VITAL to keep a positive attitude, count your blessings, and remember to find the good in everything.

3. Just breathe.

Last but not least... the most important thing. It may be hard to face what is really going on in life, it may be hard to be positive and not let things get you down, but this exercise will get you to all points you need to becoming a less stressed person. Someone has you made... stop, think, breathe! You stub your toe, squint your face and breathe. Your boss is being rude, dance it off/shrug your shoulders, and just breathe!

I think I have been upset or angry only twice since I have started with my rules. Think about it, it really works! Just breathe!

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