How to Deal with Stress - My Ways

by X C

Sharing problems with someone close, brings my stress down

Sharing problems with someone close, brings my stress down

First of all everyone gets stressed out. It's a human nature. So like everyone else I also get stressed often, and being a teenager it's usually more then often. Here is how I deal with my stress, or control it.

Whenever I get stressed out, I follow some stress relief tips that help me. Like if I am stressed and I'm standing, I try to take a seat; or if I'm sitting, I lay down. Secondly, I drink water - little bit cold water helps me calm down and brings my stress levels a bit down. Water is a good stress reducer for me.

But sometimes there are things on which one gets so angry or stressed, that he or she can't control it. Similar things happen to me, and when that happens, I try not to get more aggressive or do something stupid; in fact one of my stress tips is - I think about the positive things in it, or I think about something else to take my mind off it. Like thinking about the special someone or something I like. And it helps a lot, because my brain takes my attention away from the current stressful situation, and focuses on the pleasant things I bring to my mind at that time.

In some situations, a good way to bring our stress level down is to share what is bothering us with the ones close to us. Like if we have any financial problems or any other problems going on, if we share it with our family, spouse or friends, it would make us feel better. Sharing is one of the best stress relief techniques that I use.

So there are many other ways to control our stress, without resorting to any sort of medication.

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