How to Have a Stress Free Holiday

by Adela Johnson

We all know that stress is damaging to our health, mental well being and general state of mind. Too often we wait until we’re burned out before we even take a holiday and once abroad, ensconced on our sun lounger, we find it difficult to switch off from what’s happening back in the office. It’s vital to make our precious holiday time as genuinely relaxing as possible, it won’t do anyone any good to take a couple of weeks away and spend the whole time glued to your Blackberry frantically answering emails.

So what are the best ways to enjoy stress-free travelling? As with a lot of potentially stressful situations, the key to combating this lies in the planning. Think hard about the kind of destination that will afford you the most relaxation. Some people find that literally laying on a beach or by a pool and being waited on hand and foot is the best way to truly relax. Others need some physical stimulation and get the most enjoyment out of holidays with plenty of activities to try, like wind surfing, diving and hiking.

Still others need some intellectual stimulation and find it relaxing to wander around ruins and historical and cultural sites of significance. Whichever kind of holiday works for you will help you choose your destination.

All inclusive holidays can be a great solution for a completely stress-free holiday. For instance, if you’re looking for a Spanish style relaxing holiday you can consider Malaga, which has a plethora of lovely all inclusive resorts to choose from. When you’ve selected your destination you can start hunting for flights. With a little searching you’ll find plenty of cheap flights to most destinations. Cheap and reasonably priced flights can be found quite easily, and when you’re all booked and ready to go, you can start planning on how you’re going to relax!

It might sound strange that you need to plan your relaxation, but if you’re a tightly wound or stressed person, it could be the difference between enjoying a rewarding, rejuvenating holiday or coming back just as stressed as you were before you left! Remember to factor in exercise to your days, whether that’s a swim in the pool or sea, a walk or hike or something more strenuous, being on holiday shouldn’t stop you from continuing whatever exercise regime you have - it’ll mean you feel brighter, more alert and able to soak in the sights and sounds of your chosen destination.

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