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practical strategies to help you SAVE your MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP

How to Save the Marriage or Relationship"Couple With Problems" Image License: XS courtesy Sergey Nivens

Are you in a relationship crux right now, and wondering "how to save my marriage or relationship"? Or maybe you just broke up, and now you desperately long to get back with your ex again.

You are on right page for help.

In this section, you will find a lot of information that can help you get past your relationship hurdles, and get it smooth sailing once again.

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first, explore the reasons for the rift in your relationship

Why is your relationship falling apart?

Is it insecurity? Are you or your partner insecure about your relationship? Is insecurity the reason your marriage or relationship is in trouble? 

Or is it the distance? Do you and your partner live in different cities? If you do, is it the distance that seems to be causing the rift?

In here, we have articles covering both these aspects that can help put things a bit more in perspective.

is parting ways with your partner the right way to go for your situation?

If you are not sure whether you should break up from your relationship, or work on keeping it alive, here's some Marriage and Relationship Break Up Advice that can help provide some direction for you.

Understand the bigger picture in relationship problems.

And if nothing works out, do realize there is life after breakup. Read our article on Surviving a Breakup. You may find it insightful.

If you are unable to figure it all out, or handle the break up yourself, you are not alone. Relationships are complex, and everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Be sure to get in touch with any of the Dating and Relationship Coaches or even Live Marriage Counselors available right at this moment, to help you out.

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