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How to Stay Organized for Life

Getting organized may be the easier part, but how to stay organized, and keep it that way? Whether it is having organized home or just organized closets, it involves constant work of putting things back in their places.

This is an ongoing process involving daily actions, and could prove to be the more difficult or tricky one.

And it can be done! And the upside of being that way - you will have much less clutter to deal with, the next time you think of organizing again. And it may be a while before you actually get to that "next time", too!

3 tips to stay organized

Here are the most important things to remember on how to stay organized for life:

tip 1:

Group similar things together, and assign a common place to them. Make place holder for things based on where you need them the most.

This is more of a getting organized tip, but also involves periodical decisions, like when you buy a new item and need to decide where it goes.

Take a second and envision where you might be when you next need that particular item. That would be the place to set a place holder for that item.

For example: All writing materials should be in one place, and the most reasonable place for those would be on your work desk; all your keys should be in one place, and their place could be on hook right by your door.

tip 2:

Make a habit of putting things back in their places when done using them. This, by far, is the most important tip to stay organized.

Many times we set an item on a nearby desk or a table, because we are tired, in a hurry, preoccupied with other thoughts, or just being plain lazy; and come the time we need it again, we look for it in its original place where we expect it to be.

Sure enough, we won't find it! And the time we may spend searching to locate it - is definitely not time well-spent.

By making the extra conscious effort right at the time the object leaves our hands, and ensuring it goes where it belongs, we save ourselves that time.

And the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that we know where our things are, well enough to locate them (almost) instantly the moment we need them.. is priceless!

tip 3:

Use stickies, lists and even computer or mobile alerts to remind you of information at appropriate time you need it.

Organizing is not just limited to material things in the space around you; it has a bit to do with intangibles like information and time as well.

Even if you have a clean organized desk or a well-organized home, if you routinely miss appointments, or forget regular activities like taking a daily medicine, you will not likely be considered an organized person.

To avoid such "information malfunctions", use stickies, notes to yourself or technology alerts as needed; the key is to put them in places you will most likely be, when you need to remember that piece of information.

As an example: To pick up a birthday card for a friend after work, you may have an alert to remind you that at the end of the day; or alternatively a sticky on your work computer or car steering wheel should serve the purpose as well. 

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