Improving Low Self Esteem by
Building Your Core Inner Strength

What is Core Inner Strength?

Your inner strength represents the resources within yourself - the resources that can help you be who you are, and help you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. Core Inner Strength is a self esteem hypnosis audio program that is designed to help you access this inner strength from within you.

What does that mean?

Accessing your inner strength is the key to that ultimate self confidence - confidence that lets you be comfortable and be yourself in social situations; that lets you express yourself without fear or inhibitions; that lets you handle criticism gracefully and tactfully; and that lets you respond to challenges with a balanced mind. In short, improving low self esteem is the key to living a fuller, more enriching life!

The audio programs developed by Dr Shirley McNeal come in 2 CDs. Each CD contains two tracks.

The first CD helps you identify and access your inner strength (18.41 min), and works on improving low self esteem (28.54).

The second CD works on your self confidence (23.51 min), and helps you experience comfort and safety (21.55 min).

How Does Listening to Core Inner Strength Feel?

Each Core Inner Strength CD track concludes by providing you the option of slipping into sleep, or getting out of the hypnotic state, so you can get back to your day. I have listened to both tracks of the first CD for a period of two weeks, one in the morning and one before bed time.

The soothing voice of Dr McNeal makes you feel comfortable almost immediately, while allowing your mind and body to unwind, relax and release any tensions, so you can focus only on your breathing. You will be slowly drawn into the highly relaxed, but focused state of mind that Dr McNeal wants you to be in, before she begins her self esteem sessions.

Listening to the track just before going to bed, and drifting to sleep right after the session each night, can help you wake up feeling much more positive and refreshed the following morning - right from day one.

And after listening to both the tracks for two weeks, you will feel a sense of empowerment and confidence, in not only facing the day, but also whatever challenges it may throw your way. It will help you look forward to each day with much more enthusiasm, energy and vigor.

Who is Dr Shirley McNeal?

Core Inner Strength programs come from the renowned Hypnosis Network group, which has always been a reputable source for solid, ethical, and effective audio hypnosis programs. Hypnosis Network ensures that its therapists stick to their rigorous guidelines, and their customer service is always top-notch.

Dr Shirley McNeal, the brain and the voice behind Core Inner Strength programs, has been practicing psychotherapy for more than 30 years. She is a fellow and approved consultant of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and is well regarded in the hypnosis community, with more than 20 scientific papers on the subject to her credit.

To give you a chance to see what a hypnotic state feels like, Hypnosis Network offers a 7-minute audio session by Dr McNeal that lets you hypnotize yourself - FREE of cost.

Core Inner Strength CDs come with an unconditional, 1 year money-back guarantee, and have an option make payments in 3 installments.

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