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5 Tips for Improving Self Esteem

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If you believe you suffer from low self esteem, you are not alone. Read on below for some tips and resources to improve your self esteem, along with some audios specifically designed for the purpose.

Increasing self esteem is a natural way to gain self confidence as well.

how to improve your self esteem

Here are 5 ideas you can try to incorporate in your life, that can lead you towards a better self esteem:

1. Quit criticizing yourself, and others

To quote Maxwell Maltz from his popular self help book, Psycho-Cybernetics:

"Watch for self-criticism - the moment you recognize it happening, pull yourself up short and stop it."

Besides hurting your self esteem, negativity - even on yourself - hurts you in other ways by increasing your stress levels. And negativity on others speaks volumes of low self esteem as well, so eliminating negativity plays its part in reducing stress and improving self esteem.

Your motto should be: Accentuate the Positive. Eliminate the Negative.

How about when you do need to make a necessary critical comment? Always direct the criticism towards the issue at hand, never towards the person.

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2. Speak your mind, and receive criticism gracefully

Don't be afraid to say your mind. In other words, don't necessarily think in advance what you are going to say; just say it, as long as your intention is not to willfully hurt someone.

And say it clearly and loudly. Make it a habit to speak loudly and clearly. No need to yell, of course, just as long as you know it is loud enough that others don't need strain their ears to hear you, or have to ask you to repeat.

And be graceful when accepting criticism as well.

You can disagree with it, and say so if you do; or you can learn from it if there is truth in it - either way, try not to be overly sensitive about it.

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3. Compliment people when you like them

Be direct. It is amazing how complimenting people complements your self esteem.

4. Resist being a perfectionist

Its perfectly normal to be imperfect, but its normally considered abnormal to be too perfect. Don't tie your self esteem to always being perfect; it's okay to be less than perfect occasionally, and it's also quite normal to fail occasionally.

Being flexible and taking it easy is also a way to prevent stress as well.

5. Develop a good body language

Look your best, stand erect, walk well, look in the eye.

A regular exercise regimen will help attain most of these physical attributes, and these can help in improving self esteem and building self confidence.

Need some help in applying the above tips in your day-to-day life? Could your self esteem use a little nudge in the right direction? 

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